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 You are re struggling to promote your products on Facebook Marketplace? With my gig, I will manually post your product ads on Facebook Marketplace, reaching a wide audience and increasing your chances of sales. As an experienced marketer, I understand the importance of effective online advertising. Don't miss out on this opportunity to boost your sales and expand your online presence through marketplace ads posting. Place an order now and let's take your item ads to new heights on Facebook Marketplace.

To effectively post your product ads on Facebook Marketplace, please provide the following requirements:

         Facebook marketing ads posting 

                             Contact us 

Item Information: Clear and detailed description of the items you want to post. Include relevant details such as product name, features, specifications, pricing, etc.

Product Images

Target Audience (Zip codes)

Access to your FB Marketplace

By providing these requirements, I can ensure a smooth and successful execution of your product ad

s on Facebook.

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